I want to open online store. What hosting should I choose?

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I want to open online store. What hosting should I choose?

So you’re ready to launch your store online. Can you use the current web host or do you need something special to find best web hosting company in Bangladesh?

While hosting e-commerce does not need to cost a fortune, you only have to invest the time and money you need to make sure a solution works, not only now, but also take into account future growth.

If you plan to use a hosted solution such as Shopify and integrate it into WordPress, then suggest your secure web hosting company for hosted ecommerce.

But if you are hosting your shopping cart program, choosing your place of residence is essential. A key factor in ensuring customers have a smooth and responsive online shopping experience.

What type of accommodation do you choose? The company has experience in hosting e-commerce and an improved e-commerce plan. Here are some factors to consider.

1. You Need A Hosting Plan With Enough Storage Space And Bandwidth

The e-commerce site must store the shopping cart program, product catalog, and customer database. You must choose a hosting plan with enough space to store all of this, and enough bandwidth for your customers to access their products, including copies, images, and other resources. Be careful to warn you: Minimizing your needs can result in financial penalties if you exceed your limits.

lans with at least 2 GB of disk space and 10GB / month of bandwidth are common and will provide sufficient resources for an online store with thousands of products. This is a good starting point for your online store.

2. You Need A Hosting Program That Supports Your Shopping Cart

There is a wide range of e-commerce programs available today. Choose the solution that best suits your needs, then choose a hosting solution that supports the system requirements for that software, or better yet, you can install it with a mouse click.

Two powerful and free shopping carts are Magento and PrestaShop. They are full and worthy of consideration. There are also additions to both WordPress and Joomla to convert your favorite content management system into an e-commerce system. How to choose?

ARN HOST allows you to choose from 18 popular e-commerce applications and install them automatically. The Shopping Cart Guide will help you identify the right software for your store. Take your time to make your decision, There will be a lot of work if you change your mind later.

3. You Need A Hosting That Allows Secure Credit Card Payments

Security is important to any website, especially for an e-commerce site. Online payments and confidential customer information require special attention.

One security feature you need for a secure credit card and financial transactions is SSL. The SSL certificate acts as a digital passport, which allows for data transfer over secure networks. Authentic and encrypt all data transmitted through the site.

Here are some benefits of SSL:

It protects your site from spoofing.

It gains visitors’ trust by displaying security bans data alteration and editing.

It protect your visitors’ personal data from misuse.

ARN HOST Offer Three Different SSL Solutions To Match The Size Of Your Business:

Let’s Encrypt SSL, suitable for small size websites, free

Wildcard SSL, suitable for medium size websites, $40/year

EV SSL, suitable for large business websites, $399/year.Â

This is not the end of the story.

Many banks and online payment processors (including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express) require that the hosting be compatible with PCI. The PCI DSS Data Protection Standard ensures a unified approach to protecting credit card holder information, preventing credit card fraud and other security threats.

ARN HOST hosting plans are PCI compliant by default and provide a secure and stable environment for your online store. Custom high performance hosting solutions can also meet PCI requirements.

4.You Need Reliable Hosting With Friendly 24/7 Support

One of the wonderful things about an online store is that you can keep it open 24/7. To achieve this, you need a reliable stay available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll also need 24/7 support web hosting company.

Think of your hosting provider as a business partner. You must choose someone you can trust and develop a long-term relationship. So choose a company that is committed to reliability. Make sure they put their money in their place when they invest in infrastructure, and proactively verify that their server is active so that problems are resolved with minimal delay.

When your website is out of service, your store is closed. Every minute the work is lost. Do not just take the word hosting company around your runtime, do a little research, read customer feedback and check the company code to see what they are actually doing to ensure the reliability of your store.

But things can get worse and you’ll need help. When setting up an e-commerce program, you may need technical help in the middle of the night. The last thing you need is to wait two hours to get an answer to your question. Or be told that help can not help you in your shopping cart problem, only with server problems.

Then, do not just check that the company offers 24/7 support. Try to find out how quickly you respond to an answer and the variety of problems available to support you.

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To run your e-commerce business successfully, you need to partner with a hosting company that is committed to successfully your website as you. A company you can trust and work with over the next few years. In short, you need a reliable host that can run your chosen shopping cart program that is secure and PCI-compliant and responds quickly and easily when you have a support request. ARN HOST cheap web hosting in Bangladesh their hosting plan meets all requirements, with 18 e-commerce applications, PCI compatibility, a choice of SSL solutions, lots of disk space and bandwidth, and best business support. Register today and save 50%. Â

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